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Vinegar 101

All the Facts, Distilled

Check out our Vinegar Guide for tips, recipes and other helpful information about Heinz® Vinegar. The guide includes:

  • Facts about how Heinz® Vinegar is made.
  • Background on various types of vinegar and suggested pairings.
  • Refreshing recipes using Filtered and Unfiltered Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar.
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Heinz® All Natural Vinegar

Heinz® Distilled White and Apple Cider Vinegars are all natural, made only from corn or apples and crystal-clear water.

A note regarding the Heinz All Natural Promise: Heinz sources all of its corn here in America, and most American-grown corn is developed from bioengineered seeds. However, Heinz tests its final Distilled White vinegar product using conventional methods. These test results show there are no remaining traces of GMO in our finished product.

How Is Heinz® Vinegar Made?

Through fermentation, alcohol is converted to full-strength vinegar. This full-strength vinegar is then diluted with water to achieve the 5% acidity that is generally preferred for cooking and table use.

What Makes Heinz® Vinegar America’s Favorite?

  • All-natural Heinz® Vinegar is always sourced from corn and apples.
  • Ultra-filtered to guarantee sparkling clarity.
  • For more than 140 years, Heinz has maintained its simple, all-natural vinegar recipe.

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